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Jamhuria /NPP was established in 17th October 1995 and now it has become a daily newspaper in the democratic replublic of Somaliland, with the well-organized distribution within the country and ready to meet the need of the public. We are in the process of establishing overseas network of distribution to meet the requirement and quench, the thirst of our fellow country men overseas, this process may take some time to be properly established, we kindly request our overseas readers to bear with us and give us all the support for this commitment of ours in becoming a reality.

Within a period of month we are hoping a highly optimstic in establishing a Jamhuria Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the soul purpose of extending the services of Jamhuria WORLD WIDE.

It is our hope that only with your support and genuine advice Jamhuria will become a newspaper of International standing. Kindly do not hesitate to contact us with your articles, information and any constructive ideas in the course of National Building of our Great Somaliland.

In the near future you can expect an online Jamhuria in Internet. It sounds our country is going to be one among the Technologically Developed Countries with your contributions.

Jamhuria is a part of the NPP Group, which was founded by Mr Mahmoud Abdi Shide and the most dynamic, self motivated young reporters who have made what Jamhuriya is Today.

One has to be proud of Somaliland as we are truly in the process of becoming a Democratic society with the right of free speech, despite of the few problems that we may have encountered in the near past, but is’nt that part of Development and difficulties .

As we all know that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, there is no way back for Somaliland but forward and Jamhuriya is alongside.

For our contacts please use our Email address: