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NPP was formed in 17 October 1995 , its Head Quarters are in Hargeisa , The Democratic Republic of Somaliland .

Apart from producing the Jamhuriya Newspaper , We are also involved in producing Stationary items, Exercise books, Text Books , and all related printed materials. We have 56 number of staff working for both the Printing Press and Jamhuriya.

I wish to take this Golden opportunity and welcome you to the Jamhuriya site, After the long struggle we had all gone through in fighting and removing the Corrupt, Tyrant and the Unjust rule of Siad Barre , every one of us Somalilanders are faced with the difficult task of Playing our part in the process of reconstruction of our Nation , and for Somaliland taking its rightful place in the World Map.

After the liberation of Somaliland , many of us were faced with the difficult choice of either to continue with whatever we were involved with,in the different places we were or return back home , I for one was a Property owner in Saudi Arabia and when the time came I decided to relocate myself back home and share in the struggle of rebuilding our Nation with the masses and share the fruits with my people, thus NPP was born. I believe it is the obligation of every one of us to take his rightful share in the long path towards the reconstruction.

I n the earlier days after the liberation of our Nation , A group of young dynamic and very Nationalistic gentlemen got together came up with the idea a Daily Newspaper and Jamhuria came into being. These young men who had no any Professional Training , today have proven to be an asset to reckon with , and are among the best Editors and Reporters that Africa can be proud of.

Jamhuriya is still in the process of Development and we will not live any stone unturned in order to achieve the best for our readers and will continue building our credibility, currently we have reporters in Borama , Gabile, Berbera , Burco ,Yiroowe , Erigabo , Las Canod and Harta Sheikh. Jamhuriya it self has taken its rightful place by being the champion of the People and being a forum for every Somalilander. Jamhuriya is an independent Newspaper which has no affiliation to any party ,political Interest or in favor of any group whatsoever.

It is my sincere hope that all our readers will appreciate the effort that has gone into making this dream come true, I also promise you that we will soon be able to insert in this JAMHURIYA HOME PAGE the important news from Somaliland for the benefit of our Countrymen Overseas.

I remain and take this opportunity to thank you all for your support , at the same time to remind you that Somaliland cannot be built by Foreigners or by any Foreign Aid , but it is solemnly duty of every one of us.